General questions
GG Affiliates – Is an affiliate program of GG.Bet, to gather and partner with esports betting affiliates on a mutual basis.
Yes! We have the highest Revshare offers starting at 40%, up to 60%, and more. We are always up to help our affiliates with any kind of promo activity using our designer's team. Detailed real-time analytics. Automated weekly payouts. Licensed product. 24/7 support team. Fair profit regarding any kind of partner’s results.


GG.Bet is a highly regulated project with strict requirements involvement regarding Curacao licensing, and other gaming relevant partnership agreements (e.g. payment services). We are opened and transparent to our audience communication via Reddit, Facebook, and other popular communication channels.

Yes. You can provide any relevant traffic source that can be verified regarding our tracking links, etc.

Financial questions
In the event that the total Net Revenue from your referred player is negative for a given month, the negative balance will be carried over from month to month, until a positive balance is achieved (i.e., until such time as the negative balance has been fully set-off against future positive amounts generated by your new players activity).

1.Lifetime Revshare model – is a base model to start at GG.Bet Affiliates. You will get 40% Revshare under any circumstances. During the whole next month, after signing up at GG.Bet Affiliates, you will get 60% Revshare as a welcome bonus. Later on, your Revshare percentage will be calculated regarding the archived results. 40% for the next month if your monthly results are from 0 to 50 first time deposits including 50% for the next month if your monthly results are between 51 and 100 first time deposits including 60% for the next month if your monthly results are above 100 first time deposits including 2. CPA model – is available if a relevant statistic figures within active affiliate account are achieved. Terms and conditions are set individually. 3. Hybrid model – is Revshare+CPA with terms and conditions set individually.

The minimum payout amount is 20$ plus your payout option commission. Payouts are processed automatically every Tuesday on weekly basis.

Yes! The person you bring to our program needs to sign up at GG Affiliates via your referral link ( http://affiliates.gg.bet/webmaster/affiliate, “Referrals” tab). After this, the percentage (depending on referral level) of this partner profit will be processed to you.

Skrill payments are restricted for affiliates from Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, UK, and Australia

- Skrill (EUR)

- Neteller (EUR)


- Webmoney WMZ (USD)

- Tether ERC20 (USD)

- Bitcoin (USD)

- Capitalist (USD, EUR, RUB)

Technical and support questions
Sure you can! We can make some cool stuff just for you regarding specs you will provide us. Banners, posters, dynamic HTML promo, customized signup page on GG.Bet with your logo or other custom pieces of arts. Just let us know via Skype or Telegram or Messenger or e-mail.
Just contact us asap and we’ll fix it!

All promo materials are diverse regarding events, teams, or game theme. We are constantly updating them to provide you with the best up to date content. You can access and check them out at - http://affiliates.gg.bet/webmaster/promos/create. With simple tools onboard it’s easy to create and publish your new campaigns. For any additional information regarding promo materials usage please contact us via Skype or Telegram or Messenger or e-mail.

Let’s go step by step: 1.go to http://affiliates.gg.bet/webmaster/promos/create 2.click on “Direct link” 3.chose a “gg.bet (REVSHARE)” checkbox. Next. 4.name your link. Next. 5.repeat the link “name” in the Name field on the left. Paste the needed page URL in the Link field on the right. Save. Get code. Save. Now you have it on your promo list in here http://affiliates.gg.bet/webmaster/promos/list To copy it again, just click the “Get code” in the link options, in the promo list.